Little-Known Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate is often depicted in all sorts of negative light. The reason for this might be the high content of fat and sugars found in it. Obesity, acne, diabetes, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease are conditions linked to consuming a lot of chocolate. However, chocolate isn’t as evil or harmful as it is portrayed to be. This article will discuss various health benefits associated with eating chocolate. You will, therefore, feel less guilty when eating that bar of chocolate you love so much.

Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Research shows that chocolate bars with cocoa flavanols and plant sterols help lower cholesterol levels in a consumer’s body. Regular chocolate consumption with cocoa flavanols and plant sterols helps to support a person’s cardiovascular health and improve blood pressure.

Helps Improve Cognitive Function

Studies show that taking at least one cup of hot chocolate in the morning helps to keep your brain healthy and reduce memory decline for the elderly. Hot chocolate helps improve the flow of blood in the brain, thereby increasing alertness.

Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Consuming chocolate often can reduce the risk of heart disease significantly. Research shows that moderate consumption of chocolate results in a low risk of acquiring cardio-metabolic disorders. Further studies are still being done to shed more light on the topic.

Reduces Risk of Stroke

Research done on 44,489 test subjects by Canadian scientists revealed that eating at least a single serving of chocolate every day will reduce the chances of getting a stroke by 22 per cent. It was also noted that having at least two chocolate servings per week reduces the chances of death caused by stroke by 46 percent. The study recommended eating at least 100 grams of chocolate every day.

Foetal Development And Growth

For pregnant women, eating at least 30 grams of chocolate per day helps the foetus’s growth and development. Consuming chocolate also allows blood to flow well to the foetus. Scientists advise that taking both low flavanol and high flavanol chocolate will help with the blood flow.

Improve Athletes’ Performance

Researchers in the United Kingdom researched cyclists and the effects chocolate consumption has on them. The results revealed that after eating a portion of dark chocolate, the cyclist used less oxygen while cycling, moderately helping them cover more distance in less time than expected. The research revealed that dark chocolate contains flavanol that aids in releasing nitric oxide to the cyclists’ bodies.