Enjoying Chocolate With Nicotine

It is fair to say that both chocolate and nicotine are very popular products. In the past the latter may have exceeded the former in terms of sales. However, a decline in smoking has changed that. This does not mean that nicotine has completely gone. In fact, a lot of people love it in pouch form.

Trying Out Both

If the person wants a very fun experience they could try out both nicotine and chocolate at the same time. This would require them to order the Snus style items sold by the website Northerner. It is wise to pick a nicotine flavour that complements the chocolate. Coffee would go well with many different cocoa strengths.

Northerner is the number one supplier of nicotine pouches. It sells tobacco free snus in a range of flavours. Chocolate lovers could order a 10 pack of mixed pouches in order to test each one out.