Unlikely inventions that Changed Chocolate Production

When the Aztecs and Mayans consumed their more bitter version of chocolate, they couldn’t have dreamed how their relatively simple uses for chocolate would eventually be made so popular by a growing number of inventions to make it one of the worlds most important products.

Cocoa press

The cocoa press was invented by Dutch chemist Coenraad Johannes van Houten in 1828. It was made for the purpose of removing fatty cocoa butter from cocoa beans that have been roasted. This made it quicker and easier to make a powdered form of cocoa. The powder then could be used for all of the purposes that we think of today such as baking and making drinks. The cocoa press increased the accessibility and lowered the cost of production significantly.

Conching machine

The conching machine made a significant contribution to the availability of mass-produced chocolate bars. It evenly distributed cocoa butter with chocolate. It resulted in a smoother chocolate with better melting and aroma. The conching machine-made chocolate consumable in a bar rather than liquid form resulting in easier mass production.

Chocolate fondue fountain

The chocolate fondue fountain came to prominence because of its visual appeal in restaurants and at parties. The fountain maintained a constant temperature for melting chocolate. Marshmallows and fruit such as strawberries are dipped into the chocolate fondue fountain. The machine was mainly used for manufacturing initially but expanded into retail stores as the popularity of the fountain grew.

From the revolutionary cocoa press to the fun and entertaining chocolate fondue fountain; the need for more refined and variety of chocolate has resulted in some unlikely inventions and some wonderful chocolate creations.