Facts on Technology and Ethically Sourced Chocolate

Now more than ever, people are looking to buy food and beverages from sources they can trust. Thankfully, experts have found a way to use technology to promote ethically produced products. Chocolate is a big beneficiary of such advancements.

How Technology Plays a Role in Cocoa and Food Ethics

There are many issues affecting food choices today that sum up the aspect of food ethics. People need the assurance that what they consume has been produced organically and that the supply chain considers all stakeholders. This is where technology comes in.

Thanks to cooperative management systems, chocolate consumers can track the farm-to-factory journey of what they consume. The systems allow farmers organisations to record their production processes while tracking every step from the farm to the consumer. Such data is then accessible to consumers using mobile phone apps or directly through the internet.

More so, organisations now encourage barcoded packaging to track ethical information. Anyone interested to understand how their chocolate came to be, only need to scan the code through their phone and access that data.

What Food Ethics Tracking Means for the Chocolate Industry

There is a broad aspect of food ethics that consumers need to learn before they understand how to leverage the current technology. For example, food ethics exposes the state of affairs in cocoa farms. Cases of child labour were common in cocoa farms, which is now trackable through Child Labour and Monitoring and Remediation Systems (CLMRS) in concerned countries such as Cameroon, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivoire.

Different digital tools help collect information that gives market insights and development plans to all stakeholders. This allows the government and other private companies to understand where safety measures need emphasising and which areas need production assistance.

The journey to ethical and sustainable cocoa and chocolate production is just beginning. As technology advances, the industry will realise more advantages.