Health and Chocolate

Chocolate has long been known for its beneficial effects on our health. Research has shown that chocolate can be useful for blood pressure and heart conditions since cocoa beans are high in polyphenols. These chemicals are natural antioxidants that are high in naturally occurring nutrients. However, chocolate is high in sugar and unsaturated fats which can result in excessive weight gain associated with obesity. Sebum production can be accelerated by eating chocolate, and this can lead to outbreaks of acne. Don’t worry, there is a skin cream product by Verso that can reduce the effects of acne while you still enjoy chocolate.

Verso Acne Deep Cleanse

This product can purify acne-prone skin since it contains a high concentration of salicylic acid. This ingredient helps the skin to shed dead skin cells and decreases redness, swelling and inflammation of the skin. In turn, this leads to a reduction of pimples formed, and it also speeds up the healing process of the affected skin. There is no doubt that Verso acne deep cleanse unclogs the pores of oil and dirt, leaving the skin free from impurities. The product penetrates deep into the skin, and by its deep-cleansing action, it prevents the onset of blemishes and acne.

Other ingredients of this skin product by Verso are tumeric and niacinamide. These increase the exfoliation of the skin and protect it from free radicals. Portulaca is also included, which prevents itching and helps soothe the skin at the same time. Portulaca also has moisturising benefits, as well as protecting, antioxidant properties. The long term effect of this product is cleansed, calmed, and softened skin. This leaves your skin less prone to conditions such as acne.


Chocolate is enjoyed by people around the world, and there is no reason why acne sufferers should give up their favourite treat. Verso’s Acne Deep Cleanser lotion can help to alleviate this skin condition.