Chocolate, perhaps one of the worlds best loved sweet treats, comes in many flavours, shapes and styles. There is milk chocolate, dark chocolate (which contains a higher level of cocoa than milk chocolate), and white chocolate which contains no actual cocoa solids at all, only cocoa butter). But did you know you can do more than just eat chocolate? You can also see it being made.

If you visit a specialist chocolatier you can watch the all the parts of the process of chocolate making including tempering to packaging, you can also visit one of the large chocolate factories and make a whole day of it. Why not get dressed up in smart clothing like going out dresses and spend the day at Cadbury World in Bournville Village?

A day out to Cadbury World

Make sure you are wearing something comfortable for your trip to the chocolate factory, this is why going out dresses are the ideal choice for ladies. They are lightweight and loose enough to make movement much easier. At Cadbury World you will likely to be doing a lot of walking too, so comfortable footwear is a must.

A visit to Cadbury World is not just for adults, there is plenty to see and do for children too. Therefore, it is a great day out for the whole family, and perfect for those who are looking for something to entertain the kids during the school holidays.

What to do at Cadbury World

You can have a tour of the factory sampling the wares as you go, then enjoy an afternoon tea. There is a gift shop where you can buy a lot of chocolate and chocolate themed products too. If you take part in the New Chocolatier Experience, you can have a hands-on attempt to make your own chocolate too. Truly a unique experience for any chocolate lover.