Which Equipment Is Needed to Make Chocolates?

You can not make chocolates without some equipment. So whether you are planning to make bean or bar chocolates at home or start a small chocolate-making business, some pieces of equipment are essential in any chocolate-making venture.

Chocolate-making appliances come in all forms and sizes, but some are indispensable. Here is a list of essential chocolate-making equipment you need to make mouth-watering chocolate bars.

A Melanger

Also known as a wet stone grinder, a melanger is an indispensable piece of equipment in the chocolate-making process. Whether you are making bean or bar chocolate, a melanger helps you make smooth and silky chocolate.

Chocolate Moulds

You also need a mould, and not just any other, a decent one. Investing in a quality mould makes all the difference in chocolate making. Not only will quality moulds make the chocolate look professional, but they also make the process of moulding and extraction a lot easier. Good and heavy moulds are usually the real deal.

A Roaster

Unless you are buying roasted nibs, you must invest in a roaster. Roasting beans is an invaluable process in chocolate making as it kills bacteria and enhances the flavour. In addition, you can control the temperatures with a high-quality roaster to achieve an even roast.

A Thermometer

A thermometer is another essential appliance in the chocolate-making process. While an infrared thermometer is usually preferred, the most important thing is to have a thermometer that gives your correct readings. The accuracy of any thermometer comes in handy during roasting and tempering.

A Kitchen Scale

Kitchen scales are also a must-have appliance when making chocolates. Whether you have formulated your recipes or are following others, kitchen scales help with consistency. So if you have a preferred recipe, you cannot do without a kitchen scale.

Besides these appliances, you might also need a few extras to enhance the process. For instance, a tampering machine can save you lots of time and improve the quality of your chocolates.