Chocolate Liquor

Chocolate liquor is not a widely consumed alcoholic beverage but is an important part of some recipes featuring chocolate and can be a useful accompaniment to meals. The liquor is often sold by small businesses or wineries looking to add something unique to their catalog.

The French created liquor from the 1600s and a type of chocolate wine became popular before the 18th century.

A basic recipe for chocolate liqueur includes chocolate extract, vanilla extract, vodka, syrup, occasionally glycerin and even eggs.

Chocolate liquor is often considered to be too sweet for beer and wine lovers but there are a number of chocolate liquor products with less sweetness on the market.

Chocolate liquor is often included in liquor chocolates but is also found in sauces, cakes, cocktails, truffles and even savory sauces. Cafes often experiment with chocolate liquors and add it to their coffee for novelty.

Chocolate liquor is often overlooked because many drinkers believe that it is far too sweet, These ideas have been challenged recently with creators responding to a variety of palettes. The popularity of this type of liquor depends on new types of uses. It will remain a product used mostly for novelty and fun.