Chocolate you May Have Never Heard of

Chocolate is not what it seems and there are many types that are never known by most consumers because of their uses in niche products. Some of the chocolates have obscure tastes but others are used more for manufacturing. Here are some unlikely types of chocolate that demonstrate the amazing versatility of chocolate.

Compound chocolate

This chocolate is usually used in large factories. Compound chocolate combines cocoa with either vegetable, tropical or hydrogenated fat. Coconut and palm oil is also used to replace cocoa butter. The chocolate usually includes sweeteners and is used in less expensive chocolate bars. The compound chocolate is convenient because it requires less heating and cooling compared to milk chocolate

Couverture chocolate

This type of chocolate is rich in cocoa butter and is often used to make pastries or gourmet products. It is a quality chocolate with a higher amount of cocoa butter than cooking or milk chocolate. Couverture chocolate lover’s know they are eating it by the gloss, snap and creamier taste. Many high-quality products on the market use this type of chocolate.

Gianduja chocolate

Chocolate and nut paste is combined to make gianduja, a commonly used chocolate in European countries. Hazelnut and almond are usually mixed with dark or milk chocolate to form a paste. It has also been sold as a layered chocolate with various flavors within it. Gianduja chocolate is used for flavoring or as a substitute. It can be cut but is not suitable for molding due to its softness.

Chocolate is truly amazing when one considers how many different types and uses that come about from a single cocoa bean. The amazing thing about chocolate is its ability to be tempered differently depending on the product. The amount of cocoa butter also has a big impact on the final product and different types of chocolate that can be used to meet the creator’s needs.